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Sid’s Latest Post at on Gold – January 11, 2016

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Jan 112017

I just published a new post about Gold at my new website:  You can check it out at the Elliott Wave Plus Blog.  Included is an impressive new testimonial from an “Pro Plan” subscriber.

And don’t forget to subscribe to receive notification of new blog posts while visiting the new site!  Thanks.

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Announcing Sid’s New Website & Associated Client Services:!

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Dec 052016

Announcing Sid’s New Website & Associated Client Services:!

Whew!  What a ride so far!  Back in 2010, I started a Google sites blog called, and used it as a simple diary of Elliott Wave counts on miscellaneous financial instruments.  In 2011, I switched to a WordPress-based blog named, and initiated weekly “Counts” webinars for  paid subscribers.  That year, I also produced an educational video that has since been viewed thousands of times by traders around the globe:  “Early Detection of Trend Changes Utilizing a Combination of Elliott Wave and MACD.”  In 2012, the twice-per-week EWP ScreenShots service was added.

Then, in early 2014, I added Hurst cycle analysis to my technical analysis toolbox.  Hurst added a critical timing element to my Elliott Wave counts.  Wave count accuracy improved greatly, as Hurst analysis moved to equal weighting in my eyes with Elliott.  It became clear that the “checks and balances” system created by giving each methodology equal weight provided a stronger analysis and future road-map than the individual systems when used alone.

Additional techniques were also added in recent years, such as trend exhaustion indicators, tracking of extreme sentiment positioning and inter-market correlations.  Each of these disciplines of technical analysis contributed to the quality of forecasts.

In mid-2016. it became apparent that my work, while rooted in Elliott Wave, had morphed into something beyond.  Hence the new, more descriptive name of my new website and suite of client services:  Elliot Wave Plus.  It’s the PLUS that makes the difference!  Please click on the screenshot of the new website below to check it out.  Thanks.

Sid Norris (new!)


Quick Update on Crude Oil from Sid at

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Oct 132016

Quick Update on Crude Oil from Sid at  Click on the chart to enlarge.

The combination of Hurst cycle analysis and Elliott Wave is suggesting that the recent bullish period for crude oil has likely come to an end.

A Hurst analysis starting at the 2008 high suggests that oil has topped, and will move down next through September of next year (2017).  If that scenario is correct, we are likely finished with primary (burgundy) wave 4, and burgundy wave 5 will take oil to new lows below the February 2016 low into next year.

A Hurst analysis (of the continuous CL futures contract) starting back in March 1983 is also bearish from current levels, but only until early December 2016.   In that scenario, Oil is unlikely to make new lows below the February 2016 low, but wave 2 (black) is incomplete.

Both scenarios are bearish from about now (mid-October 2016) through at least early December 2016.  Here’s the weekly chart:

Oil QM weekly 10-13-16

So how can this be traded?  That would require additional daily, 240-minute and 90-minute charts.  Please join me for the next Weekly “Counts” webinar, Sunday, October 16, at 9am (CDT).  During each weekly webinar, I present my current combined Hurst and Elliott analysis using multiple timeframe charts on many of the world’s major stock markets, commodities, currencies, and bonds.  Additional methods of technical analysis are also considered, including sentiment extremes, trend exhaustion, multi-timeframe MACD divergence, and inter-market correlations.  A recording of the webinar is made available to all subscribers immediately afterwards, whether they were able to attend the “live” session or not.

Don’t have time for a multi-hour webinar?  Maybe your understanding of spoken English is not so good?  Then please consider my EWP ScreenShots service.  EWP ScreenShots editions are published on Sundays and Wednesdays, and include multiple timeframe analysis of SPX, DAX, Gold, Oil, US$ Index, EUR/USD, and treasury bonds (TLT of ZB contract).  The Sunday edition also includes many bonus screenshots, including the great majority of items I cover during the Weekly webinar.  All EWP “Counts” webinar subscribers receive all editions of EWP ScreenShots as a free bonus.


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